Worth Revisiting: Jindalee Sauvignon Blanc (Australia 2008)

A couple weeks ago, HEB had one of their semi-annual wine clearances, with a couple dozen options all marked down 30-50%. And true to form, I picked up 6 sale bottles to get an additional 10% discount, including this bottle of Jindalee Sauvignon Blanc, which priced the bottle down to around $4. Heck of a deal!

And we opened it last weekend when my in-laws swung through town on their way across the state. Everyone just loved this wine.

In the glass, it’s a clear, pale yellow with a fragrance of grass and woods, melon and nectarine. But on the tongue, boy is it fruity! With peach, melon, and berries leading the way, followed by a slightly herbal flavor. It was delicious, crisp, and refreshing, and so good I went back for another bottle.

It’s easy and light enough to enjoy on its own but would be outstanding fish and mango salsa. Try some and let us know what you think!

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