Worth Repeating: Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon (California 2008)

Note: There is absolutely no way for me to adequately express how much we love this Cab at Chez Knighton. So much so that when it is on sale at our local grocery, we buy several bottles. It is one of the few wines that Mr. BaptistWineClub will specifically request. This week, I found it on sale for $10, so we grabbed a bottle to accompany a fantastic filet mignon with lobster for a belated anniversary celebration. Trust me on this one: you cannot go wrong with Rodney Strong. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. (Hi Mom!)

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this wine before, but it’s one of my favorites though previously outside the Baptist budget. HEB carried Rodney Strong Cab for about $14, maybe $12 on a really good sale, but they recently reduced pricing on a wide variety of wines including this one. Now, at $10.50, this once-occasional bottle is now affordable – especially if you buy 6 bottles and take that extra 10% off.

So, about the wine itself. Starting with a dark, ruby-red color and the aroma of lavender, rosemary, and oak, the first sip tastes of blackberry jam and fresh earth with a hint of tobacco smoke. It has a lush, velvety mouth-feel and is surprisingly juicy for a Sonoma County Cabernet, which are usually extremely dry.

The Rodney Strong is still dry, mind you, but in a less obtrusive way given the succulent plum and berry flavors. The tobacco, oak, and rosemary linger on the palate in a pleasing way, rounding out this powerful red. Delicious in every way, and highly recommended especially at its new, lower price. Get some!

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