Woot Cellars Reboot Brut (California 2001)

Our next New Year’s Eve celebratory beverage has bubbles, of course. I found this sparkling wine online about two weeks before Christmas at wine.woot.com, and could not resist buying the two-bottle bundle on offer. At $35 together, our bubbles come out to $17.50 per bottle.

To be completely honest, the only redeeming value this beverage offers is the label. So much so, that I’m going to skip with usual wine description, and just say that it didn’t taste so great. It would probably be acceptable if it was mixed with orange juice and disguised as a mimosa. Ah well.

In any case, here’s what the back label says:

~/build/ HopeDreams/kernel/v2.6.80
INIT: Resolutions booting

login as: ThisYearGonnaDoIt
password: ****

$> SaveMoreMoney_
::Insufficient Resources

$> LearnFrench_
::Syntax Error

$> LoseWeight_
::Your System Does Not Recognize Command

$> Screw it, I can’t do anything right!_

$> Reboot_
::var pct 76PinNoir 24Chard
::SparklCorkPop Initiated

::Better Luck Next Year!

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