Watching The Star Wars Holiday Special (With Wine)

Last night, my husband forced me to watch this:

It’s the original 1978 airing, including commercials. Also, no subtitles.

But I was enjoying a glass of wine and had my smartphone in hand, happily tweeting about this unexpected adventure. Some notes:

Me: Did you know Chewbacca has a family?

Husband: I think you need to be on drugs to watch this.

Me (upon seeing the English actor who played Chewbacca): I guess he had a Wookie language coach for the movies. You can hardly tell he’s got an English accent.

Husband: Turns out, ALL the characters in Star Wars are annoying. Not just the wookies. Who knew.

Me: Mrs. Wookie is wearing smeared red lipstick and an apron. She’s covered in hair! Why does she need an apron? Know what I need? More wine.

Husband (singing): Have yourself a wookie little Christmas.

Me: Oh my god. Is that Wookie cyberporn? The cencors let that on TV in 1978? WTF?!?!

Husband (upon the appearance of Jefferson Starship): You haven’t lived till you’ve seen Jefferson Starship sing on a holiday special. For wookies.

And that’s when we shut off the YouTube and called it a night. Because there is only so much of this show one can handle. Without drugs, of course. Fine boxed wine absolutely will not cut it. Be ye forewarned.


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