Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon (California 2008)

Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon

Jonathan Harker’s Journal

5. May – The light and warmth and the Count’s courteous welcome seemed to have dissipated all my doubts and fears. Having then reached my normal state, I discovered that I was half dehydrated with thirst; so making a hasty toilet, I went into the other room.

I found wine already uncorked. My host, who stood on one side of the great fireplace, leaning against the stonework, made a graceful wave of his hand to the table, and said: – I pray you, be seated and imbibe how you please. You will, I trust, excuse me that I do not join you; but I have drunk already, and I do not thirst.

The Count himself came forward and poured the blood red wine, and I fell to at once on an excellent Cabernet Sauvignon. This, with some cheese and a salad, was my supper. During the time I was enjoying the refreshment, the Count asked me many questions as to his cellar, concerns for every aroma of anise, currants, and oak and increasing interest in the lush mouthfeel of which he was proud.

By this time I had finished my supper, and by my host’s desire had drawn up a chair by the fire when he remarked: — I hope you enjoyed the blood of the vine; it has hardly any bite at all.

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4 Responses to Vampire Cabernet Sauvignon (California 2008)

  1. Jenn Marie says:

    This bottle has been lurking in my chiller for months now. Guess it will wait until the fall. Maybe a Twilight watching party in early November…

  2. Knighton says:

    That sounds like an excellent plan! Or maybe open it for some True Blood reruns?

  3. Excellent Web-site. Just recently discovered your site and look forward to reading through more!

  4. Rick says:

    Awesome content – I like the info.

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