The Wine That Got Away: Scaranto Corvina (Italy 2004)

A few years ago, when we were still north of Austin, a Sprouts Farmer’s Market opened just a couple miles from our house. And their opening month brought a serious collection of wine deals (and steals.)

There was this one Italian red, of which they had acquired maybe four cases, six tops. It was on sale for 3 bottles for $12. So, I bought three bottles. And drank them in record time. (Hi Mom!)

I went back for three more bottles. And, again, they disappeared faster than you can imagine.

And I went back a third time…

There was one dusty bottle left, hiding in the bottom of the rack, sporting a torn label. And I bought that last one, too.

All that remains is a single label I painstakingly removed from one of those precious bottles and the fond memory of those flavors. Had I known it would be such an excellent wine, so lush and delicious, I would have bought the entire lot on first sight.

But I didn’t. And now, the only place I can find Scaranto Corvina wants $19/bottle.

It’s funny, you know. We never regret the great decisions, the enlightened investments, the smart purchases (like stocking up on a fantastic wine at ridiculous prices.)

It’s always, sadly, the missed opportunity that haunts us. The wine that got away…

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