The BWC Goes to Mom2Summit

(in Miami!)

Hello friends! I spent the weekend in beautiful Key Biscayne at the annual Mom 2.0 Summit, where I took not one single picture of myself holding a glass of wine. Shocking, I know.

The time passed so quickly, too quickly, and the conversations were so engaging, that it just didn’t occur to me to snap a few photos. Which is sad really, because that means I also missed capturing some truly amazing women for the digital memory album.

Let me, instead, introduce you all to a few of my favorite people. My roomies for the weekend were the stylish Pam of OutsideVoice and delightful Leslie of Lights and Letters. I couldn’t have asked for better company during the weekend and must offer them both extra thanks for the confidence hugs. You guys are the best!

Much of the weekend was spent in the company of Regan of Formation of Me, who kept me giggling with her dry wit. And I got an opportunity to hug and chat with a few of the women I truly admire: Karen of Chookooloonks, Laura of The Queso, Jenny of The Bloggess, Susan of Working Closet, and Helen Jane of HelenJane, as well as countless others who encouraged, enlightened, and delighted everyone at the conference.

I must also mention how privileged I feel to have been in the company of so many accomplished individuals, who are willing to share their stories – of both triumph and challenge – in such a real, personal way. And I owe a debt of gratitude for the light and life that was returned to my soul thanks to the simple acts of listening to and conversing with and learning from all of these amazing women.

I raise my glass to you all!

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7 Responses to The BWC Goes to Mom2Summit

(in Miami!)

  1. Helen Jane says:

    Our time together was ALL too brief.

    But let’s follow up. We have lots to do together.

  2. Pam says:

    The hanging out. It must happen more.



  3. Leslie says:

    Thanks again for sharing your room with me! It was so easy to be with you and Pam. Looking forward to our next conference together! xo

  4. Richard says:

    When it the next conference?

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