Sometimes We Mourn

Hello friends. We’ve been on a bit of a roller coaster ride the past couple weeks, here at Chez Knighton.

Remember this time of year is cold and flu season, and you should be fortifying yourself against these mean little bugs. Last week, I succumbed to the torments of a really irritating head cold and found myself drinking Emergen-C instead of my preferred red wine. Though I hear from friends that there are several highly recommended cures, such as the famous Hot Toddy or a shot of whisky. Because alcohol kills germs. True story. (Hi Mom!)

We’ve also had a death in the family that sadly coincided with our annual Italian sausage-making party. And because you can’t just let 120 pounds of meat rot, we had to make the sausage, with half the family a hundred miles away dealing with the “arrangements.” Which is a horrible euphemism for an unenviable duty.

But I can tell you this about Italians: whether making sausage or mourning a loss, they mix mean cocktails. Most notably: Mimosas, 7 & 7, Scotch & Soda, and Jack & Coke. Normally there are several open bottles of wine, but not this year. This year we needed something stronger.

I’ll be returning to my regular schedule next week, after we’ve attended the funeral and memorial and when, hopefully, things will be more normal. In the meantime, share with me your favorite beverage to combat a cold. What works for you to chase away a cough and fever?

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