Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand 2009)

Silver Birch Sauvignon Blanch

When contacted by the marketing firm for Underdog Wine Merchants, I jumped at the chance to sample and review some of their fine boxed wines. Partly because I love boxed wine (for both value and convenience) but also because I had previously enjoyed another of their offerings. Note to Baptists: when offered free wine, TAKE IT! (But you knew that already.) (Hi Mom!)

Silver Birch was the white offering I accepted. Sauvignon Blanc is not normally a preferred white for me, but I think I’ll be changing my tune. This one was bursting with fruit aromas and flavors and was so pleasing to drink that I went through the entire box in under two weeks. (I might have had a little help.) Aromas of cantelope, peaches, and pineapple led to tropical fruit flavor with a hint of white pepper. The Silver Birch was clean and crisp, but still lush and full.

I tried it with fish, chicken, pork, spicy Tex-Mex, and Chinese. But I think it would be darn-near perfect for Thanksgiving – especially since the box is the equivalent of four bottles. And at $18-$20 per box ($4-$5 per bottle!), a great value for a family celebration.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Patricia Schneider Associates and Underdog Wine Merchants, the distributors of the Octavin series of boxed wines.  Opinions are entirely my own. In fact, I didn’t really like the red wine the sent. More’s the pity. No animals were harmed, though much wine was consumed, during the writing of this review.

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