Proper Glasses for Proper Cocktails

For the past several months, I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect highball glasses.

Wait. I should go back a bit.

This summer in Texas has been about the worst on record. Ever. And I’ve been drinking almost exclusively white wine or cold cocktails. Like Gin & Tonic or Vodka & Tonic or Jack & Diet Coke. Over ice. Lots and lots and lots of ice. But there’s a little problem in cocktail hour at Chez Knighton. I’ve been serving these tall cocktails in rocks glasses*. Which is just plain wrong.

It’s wrong because the ice melts far too quickly in the short, stubby glassware. Also, those short glasses hold just a bit less than the proper quantities required for these lovely summer beverages.

Now, I told you all that story to tell you this story**:  I bought new highball glasses for my birthday. They’re pretty. And they were on sale at the Crate & Barrel outlet. Happy Birthday to me!

*Rocks cocktails are generally served in Old Fashioned glasses either up (no ice) or on the rocks (ice) with little or no mixers. They are not served in highball glasses. It’s just not done. Similarly, tall cocktails should not be served in rocks glassware. It’s wrong, and I’ve been doing it wrong for years. No longer!

**That’s a Southern thing. Telling one story in order to tell another story. It’s permission to monopolize the conversation, really. (Hi Mom!)

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4 Responses to Proper Glasses for Proper Cocktails

  1. April says:

    Um. I adore you. The end.


  2. My boss is as well eager of YouTube comical video lessons, he also watch these even in company hehehe..

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