Procrastinate Take 5 (California 2009)

I picked up this gem on a recommendation from my friend, Pam. She has impeccable taste, and this is no exception. From the fetching label to the convenient screw-top to the $10 price tag, Take 5* is a beauty. And delicious, too.

In the glass, it’s a pale lemony-yellow with a slight greenish tint, and the fragrance just about knocked me out. Powerfully fruity, the aroma of apricots and ripe strawberries led to a delightful honeysuckle scent – and memories of roaming the woods where I grew up, pulling honeysuckle juice strait from the flower.

The flavor of strawberries was almost overwhelming on the tongue, with hints of cantaloupe, orange, and apricot. This wine was just bursting with fruit! Have I mentioned that already?

As you can probably tell, I love this wine and plan to enjoy it nicely chilled throughout this Texas summer. In fact, it would be excellent served on the patio with a meal of spinach salad and grilled quail. So, go ahead and buy a bottle for yourself and to share!

*Take 5 refers to the number of grape varieties used to produce this white blend. I have no idea which varieties, and it was too good to worry about. Also, if you enjoyed Ironstone Obsession Symphony, you’ll love this wine, too!

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17 Responses to Procrastinate Take 5 (California 2009)

  1. Pammer says:

    Dude. I just thought the label was cool. Guess I have a good excuse to drink it now! Am fancy!

  2. knighton says:

    Drink it, woman!

  3. Sarah says:

    I just found your blog–I'm so going to try this one!

  4. knighton says:

    Yay! It's really good. I like your blog, too. Really thoughtful and well-written.

    I also write at Come over and visit there, too!

  5. Kula says:

    This is a great fruity white wine! I even use it in cooking. Not dry at all.

  6. knighton says:

    Hi Kula! Cooking with it sounds fun, maybe for an apple/wine reduction to go with some pork loin.

  7. Jennie Allen says:

    Ahh! I love your site! IT reminds me of a group of girls that we had and called it, "Beer and Jesus!" Love it! I'll be back!

  8. knighton says:

    Hi Jennie! Beer & Jesus = awesome! Love it.

    Hope you enjoy our little club. 😀

  9. Anonymous says:

    I love this wine too! It was recommended by my wine lady in H.E.B. and now I can't get enough!

  10. jules923 says:

    OMG. My hubby and I drink this wine WAY too often. It is soooo good. and for some reason, it seems to get us really drunk and amorous more than anything else I’ve ever had. We are on are third bottle now, and usually that is all we can manage! LOL.

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  12. Roger says:

    I just recently started enjoying red wine meritages. Saw this blend at HEB and thought I’d try it. Wow…..I’m not a big white wine drinker, but this blend will definitely be in my weekly rotation. Great taste; smooth; good body; nice after taste….

  13. Josh says:

    This stuff is swill. I know–I helped put it in the bottle. The supplier is cynical and uses whatever bulk wine they can dredge up.

  14. angelic romero says:

    Wow I can say I love your blog just found it and absolutely love it once again it helps me out allot Ive recently switched from beer to wine .. ( more womanly) … love take 5 its delicious… and one ill most certainly keep around .. can’t wait to try more tasty wines you recommended thanks so much very helpful

  15. Where can I purchase Procrastinate, Take 5? HEB no longer carries it.

    • christi gale says:

      We LOVE this wine and HEB has quit carrying it. NO ONE carries it! Please let me know where I can find it… It is my favorite and my moms fave…

  16. Jacalyn says:

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