Pop Crush White Blend (California 2012)

Pop CrushPretty, isn’t it? I bought this wine solely for the label. It reminds me of a piece of art. I must warn you, however, that this particular bottle of wine isn’t, in itself, a work of art.

It’s straight-up fruit without any nuance or subtlety. As my husband noted, it “tastes like a wine cooler and not the good kind.”


He’s right though. Not my finest moment in wine selection. Goes to show you – never judge a wine by its label.

And I’m adding that to my list of informal wine rules, right up there next to “Never spend more than $12 on a bottle of wine.”

Now, if wine coolers in fancy art labels are your cup of tea, you can find Pop Crush at Target for $10. But my advice to you is find yourself a bottle of Ironstone Obsession Symphony instead. You’ll thank me later.

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4 Responses to Pop Crush White Blend (California 2012)

  1. Ondi says:

    Thanks for the tip. I actually like their Red Blend, but I’ll stay away from the white!

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