Pinot Evil Pinot Noir (France)

Everyone I know has tried this wine, already. And really, who wouldn’t buy it? Just look at that label! Monkeys! Neither hearing nor saying nor seeing evil! It’s practical Baptist wine, already. (Hi Mom!)

I grabbed this bottle on sale for $6 from Sprouts last week, when I bought some steaks. And you know what? It was a good decision.

Ruby-garnet in appearance, it smells of licorice, leather, and oak with a hint of currants. But, it tastes really earthy – very dry with a lingering subtle fruit flavor. It was pretty good and had a nice price tag, but I really just love the monkeys. I’d buy it again, just for the label alone.

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4 Responses to Pinot Evil Pinot Noir (France)

  1. Matt @ The Church of No People says:

    Hey Jennifer, I really like what you're doing with the blog. My wife and I like tasting different wines. We even hosted a tasting at our house last fall. I would like to know more though about wine, otherwise I'm stuck with picking bottles based on their cute labels! Ha!

  2. Sarah Jessica says:

    Looking at that label AND being one of my fave reds, it would have been in my shopping cart in a heart beat.

  3. knighton says:

    Hi Matt and Sarah! Hope you enjoy the wine as well as the reviews. 😉

    I'll try to add a little more information about wine and wine tasting, along with the reviews. Be sure to hit the links on the left, especially Wine for Newbies, which is full of great information.

  4. Sarah Jessica says:

    I found this one in the grocery store instantly in my paws. Very smooth, mellow undertones, thankfully the oak isn't overpowering. Love it!

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