Drink with Style by Jonathan Miles (selected quotes)

I subscribe to Garden & Gun magazine, and while I love the writing, I found this article particularly entertaining. A few choice lines:

My argument today, proffered with the warbly certitude one derives from a second glass of bourbon, is that Southerners drink better than elsewhere Americans.

No, where Southerners differ—and where they excel—is in how they drink: zealously, ebulliently, loquaciously, impiously.

In a region dominated by Baptists, drinking carried, at best, the tinge of scandal, and the risk of eternal damnation, at worst.

To drink like a Southerner one must drink with relish, rather than drab connoisseurship; with a sense of semi-forbidden delight, as when breaking curfew for the first time; with garrulous abandon, unlike those pinched-faced drinkers one sees in, say, New England taverns…

Go read the whole things. It’s a delight.

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It’s National Margarita Day!

In honor of this most auspicious of holidays, I’ve pulled together a collection of margarita recipes for your celebratory convenience.

53e75dffc9d8e6d245e2ccda99ca6235All-natural agave margarita.







be150623e7a1eb654f0cd13a9d8e01cbFresh strawberry margarita.







766ca73a5e00088455b538e1f0db98ffPink grapefruit margarita.








70b815dce93e9c202a81dfbc6f584b2eExotic rum & ginger margarita.







b759ecba3e9cda46b2d1942295117378Springtime in glass, peach margarita.







b35e9b4d26a8b7f2bbddffa627b574cbTropical mango margarita.








fa6a37a8020cd4fb3be291f064c53f4eSummertime-inspire watermelon & coconut margarita.








You can find a collection of all these recipes and more on my Cocktails at Chez Knighton Pinterest Board. Updated regularly!

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Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Wines (aka 3-Buck Chuck)

So, Texas finally got ourselves a few Trader Joe’s. Well, Houston and The Woodlands and Dallas and Fort Worth and Plano got them. San Antonio’s store is scheduled to open in a couple weeks, and poor old Austin has to wait until 2014! Such an injustice.

And, as your intrepid reporter, I made may way to the Houston location to pick up a few bottles of wine. For research purposes.

And I have good news and bad news, dear ones. Let’s start with the good news, shall we?

Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw Chardonnay is about the best $3 wine you’ll find. Unless you’re in California, where it’s only $2. Either way, it’s a decent, cheap wine for a decent, cheap price – pale for a Chard, but tastes nice with a little butter and melon. Try it, I think you’ll like it!

And you’ll also find that TJ’s Merlot is a decent red for the money. Straight up fruit, nothing complex, easy to drink. Give it a whirl, too.

But…and you knew there was a but coming. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You would be wise to steer well clear of the Trader Joe Sauvignon Blanc, which smells delightful but is so acidic, it’s difficult to drink. If you want a good, cheap Sauv Blanc, stick with Target’s Wine Cube. Trust me here.

And, their Cabernet Sauvignon leaves a lot to be desired. It’s like drinking watery cough syrup, I’m sad to say. If you have an HEB nearby, try their Cul de Sac Cab – it’s a better option for $3.

Well, that’s the run-down of the four varieties I purchased. If you’ve tried the White Zin or Shiraz, leave a note for the rest of us Texans!

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