HandCraft Cabernet Sauvignon (California 2011)

HandCraft Cabernet

The kind folks at HandCraft Wines sent me this delightful bottle a couple of weeks ago, and I wasted no time planning a meal around it. As you can obviously see.

I was intrigued by the idea of a California Cabernet Sauvignon with an added hint of Sangiovese, especially considering my love of Italian-style wines. (Still no word on the elusive sub-$15 Corvina. The search continues!)

But good news, this Cab is delightful. Just enough tannins and just enough fruit – it was exactly right.

We enjoyed it with a selection of cheeses (the hard Italian cheese won our informal “best with” tasting) and then with a steak for dinner (solid and balanced.) My only regret is not preparing some mushrooms for the ribeye because that would have made the meal just about perfect.

Ultimately, it’s a nicely full-bodied Cab with the perfect amount of fruit, a touch of cocoa, and a smooth finish. The suggest retail is $12.99, but if you’re in Texas, HEB offers it for $9-10.

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by HandCraft Wines, a collection of California wines with a dash of Italian varietals. Opinions are entirely my own. No animals were harmed, though much wine was consumed, during the writing of this review. We ate all the cheese.

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Barefoot Refresh Crisp White (California)

First, allow me to say thanks to The Other Joe, who sends regular requests for new wine reviews. He’s kinda like my conscience, except a lot nicer to me than I think I deserve.

Second, allow me to remind ya’ll of my Instagram feed, where you can find images of my daily glass and occasional micro-reviews. While Instagram is quick and easy, it’s also a lazy woman’s excuse for not writing real reviews.

Third, I concur with Laura Mayes at Blog con Queso, that this is the Summer of the Spritzer. And I agree with her – primarily because I just bought the equivalent of a spritzer in a bottle.

Here ends the numbered list.

photoEnter Barefoot Refresh Crisp White, which bills itself as a “vibrant, light-bodied wine.” Which it is. Light-bodied. Very.

At only 9% abv and a subtle frizzante, it feels more like a spritzer than your my regular glass of chilled white wine. And I can easily imagine a few chunks of peach or red grapefruit adorning my glass to complement the subtle pear/green apple flavor.

It ventures a little close to Jolly Rancher territory, sadly, but if you keep “spritzer” in mind, it works.

So, go ahead and try it and let me know what you think. I’m not completely sold. Though I might be persuaded.


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Drink with Style by Jonathan Miles (selected quotes)

I subscribe to Garden & Gun magazine, and while I love the writing, I found this article particularly entertaining. A few choice lines:

My argument today, proffered with the warbly certitude one derives from a second glass of bourbon, is that Southerners drink better than elsewhere Americans.

No, where Southerners differ—and where they excel—is in how they drink: zealously, ebulliently, loquaciously, impiously.

In a region dominated by Baptists, drinking carried, at best, the tinge of scandal, and the risk of eternal damnation, at worst.

To drink like a Southerner one must drink with relish, rather than drab connoisseurship; with a sense of semi-forbidden delight, as when breaking curfew for the first time; with garrulous abandon, unlike those pinched-faced drinkers one sees in, say, New England taverns…

Go read the whole things. It’s a delight.

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