Oak Leaf Vineyards Chenin Blanc / Pinot Grigio (California)

In the interest of posterity, I picked up a $3 bottle of Walmart wine.  Oak Leaf has several varieties selling for $2.97 each, but I’ve heard from my brother John that the Merlot and Cab were dangerous.  I avoided those on his hangover experience alone.

So, the Chenin Blanc / Pinot Grigio blend was a pleasant surprise.  And not just because it didn’t result in a headache the next morning.  It was very pretty pale sunshine yellow in the glass with a buttery, floral aroma with hints of tropical fruit.

It didn’t taste bad either.  Cut grass and melon, a woodsy honey-like flavor.  It felt creamy.  All of this was so much more than I expected.  It was actually decent, and will probably make a repeat in my kitchen this summer.

So, go ahead, John.  Try this one.  You’ll like it!

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