It’s National Margarita Day!

In honor of this most auspicious of holidays, I’ve pulled together a collection of margarita recipes for your celebratory convenience.

53e75dffc9d8e6d245e2ccda99ca6235All-natural agave margarita.







be150623e7a1eb654f0cd13a9d8e01cbFresh strawberry margarita.







766ca73a5e00088455b538e1f0db98ffPink grapefruit margarita.








70b815dce93e9c202a81dfbc6f584b2eExotic rum & ginger margarita.







b759ecba3e9cda46b2d1942295117378Springtime in glass, peach margarita.







b35e9b4d26a8b7f2bbddffa627b574cbTropical mango margarita.








fa6a37a8020cd4fb3be291f064c53f4eSummertime-inspire watermelon & coconut margarita.








You can find a collection of all these recipes and more on my Cocktails at Chez Knighton Pinterest Board. Updated regularly!

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