Lindemans Bin 85 Pinot Grigio (Australia 2009)

I picked up this Lindemans Pinot Grigio because I wanted a Pinot Grigio at a bargain price. Which this one is at $5 at the HEB. Lately, I have been drinking Yellow Tail Pinot Grigio, but the price went up to $6.50. And I’m cheap and adventurous, so we tried something new.

So, the Lindemans. It’s a pale golden yellow in the glass with lots of legs.* Starting with aromas of honey, pear, and citrus, the flavors follow thru – strong on the honey, with a woodsy taste, and plenty of pink grapefruit. I was really surprised by the the woodiness of this wine, and contribute it to the strong honey taste. It was really good – crisp and refreshing.

This Grigio wasn’t as light-bodied as many of the others I’ve tried, though I really enjoyed this one too. It’s flavorful and smooth and worth a repeat. Especially at $5.

Oh. Almost forgot. I drank this one with Tex-Mex take-out (a spicy chicken burrito bowl from Chipotle), and it was a perfect accompaniment. I’d also try it with fresh fruit, like mango and pears, with some prosciutto, walnuts, and parmesan cheese. It would also be great with a fresh green salad in walnut vinaigrette. Yummy.

*For the Baptists among us, legs on wine refer to the way wine coats the inside of the glass when you swirl it around. When the coating runs down the glass in long streaks, it’s called “legs.” Great legs are good. But you knew that already. *wink*

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