Life List: Taste Two Dozen Gins

I have a little life list, which includes (for obvious reasons) the consumption of wine and spirits. Also, travel to wine-producing countries and stuff like that, but that’s irrelevant for the moment.

As you know, I love wine, and I also love cocktails. My favorite spirit, by far, is gin. Which I learned to enjoy from my lovely mother-in-law, Sue, who has been teaching me the joys of a proper martini.*

And in a quest to further my gin education, I decided to expand my horizons. Normally, I drink Bombay Sapphire; keeping a bottle on hand at all occasions. But I was surprised to find that I really enjoy Hendrick’s gin, which I first discovered at Benihana, of all places. And I know for a fact that I’m not a huge fan of Tanqueray, but only because it brings up bad memories. And then I tried Broker’s a while back, which was pretty good but no substitute for my beloved Sapphire.

Which brings us to New Amsterdam Straight Gin. I purchased this bottle on a whim, solely because it’s pretty to look at and it was on sale at Spec’s. It is pretty, isn’t it?

But I gotta confess, it’s just not my favorite. While the label proclaims it “so smooth you could drink it straight,” I’m not sure I agree. It’s heavy on the citrus element and super light on any additional botanicals, especially juniper.** I’ve tried it straight, with tonic, and in a gin fizz. The gin fizz wins for flavor, otherwise the citrus just overpowers. It’s reminiscent of  Vitamin C chewable tablets. Sadly.

In any case, the search continues, and I’ll report back as I continue to expand my gin horizons. Any recommendations or personal favorites?

Also, don’t forget, we’re still on the quest for an Italian Corvina Blend. I have one to report on soon, and let us know what you find!

*Note: Sue’s recipe includes a whisper of Vermouth, wherein you bring the martini glass to your lips and say “Vermouth” before pouring gin into the unadulterated glass. She’s fun like that!

**Juniper, key ingredient in gin. It’s kinda important.

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  1. J. Wilson says:

    Sorry about your bad memories with Tanquray. That is my favorite, especially with tonic. However, someone introduced me to Rangpur last Summer and I love it! Still do T&T, but love Rangpur chilled or on a few rocks. Great lime taste and oh so smooth.

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