Handsome Devil Malbec (Argentina 2012)

Handsome DevilSeptember blazed by in a firestorm of travel and parties. October, however, sneaked in on little cat feet, delivering a cold and yet more travel.

While September is my favorite month of the year (birthday, anyone?), Rocktober is when the real fun begins. Husband has a birthday toward the end of the month, and then there’s Halloween. Or Spookapalooza, as we like to say around these parts.

You can use that one if you like. Spookapalooza is fun to say. Try it. Spookapalooza. We can all thank Scooby Doo for that one. He’s a genius.

I like to imbibe appropriately themed beverages for the annual invasion of beggar-children working overtime for a midnight sugar high. And I think I’ve found a bottle that’ll fit the bill.

No, not for the beggar-children. That would be ridiculous. This is a treat for the grown-ups. Even if we are dressed as Strawberry Shortcake. (Not that I would be. You might be. Whatever floats your boat, man. No judgement here.)

Anyway, I found Handsome Devil Malbec at Target, on a Halloween end-cap on the candy aisle, no less. Those guys really know their market, which is probably why none of us can leave Target for under $100. Although, for the record, $100 doesn’t actually get you a lot of wine. You’ll have to trust me here. Good Baptists don’t buy wine. Especially not at Target. And especially not one hundred dollars worth. (Hi Mom!)

Where was I? Oh, right –  wine.

Handsome Devil Malbec. It’s a cleverly labeled, no-frills Malbec, and it’ll look amazing on your table for that really cool Halloween party you’ve been planning. $9 at Target.

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