Garnacha de Fuego (Spain 2009)

Garnacha de Fuego

Behold! Wine from Hell!

Er, well, on fire at least. Still, you could frighten your church friends by saying it’s wine from hell. Either way, totally scary and perfect for your “harvest” party. And you can pick it up at World Market for only $7. (It’s a seasonal offering, naturally.)

I actually found this wine NOT hellacious. In fact, it’s quite enjoyable and makes a statement on the table with a velvety, blood-red color. Beginning with aromas of smoke, leather and ripe plums, it is dry and earthy tasting with flavors of black cherries and tart prunes. Very good. And scary!

Get it while it’s hot.

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  2. Water2wine says:

    I just tried this today and love it! Saw that it had a rating of 92 by wine advocate. I had the Concha y toro cabernet and it’s scarier. It actually has the Devil’s face on it. 🙂

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