The FTC has some regulations about blogging and disclosure, so here is the information you need to know about how I handle anything involving any sort of compensation here at the Baptist Wine Club.I have a real job. This is not it. But there are parts of this site that could bring a little extra cash for the Wine Habit. Here’s what you need to know about that.PRODUCT REVIEWS
I do not do paid product reviews. The only exception to this is as follows…If I’m doing my job right here some other companies or organizations may want me to participate in some sort of sponsored targeted campaign which could include prizes for you guys and other types of compensation for me. I promise to let you know all about those and they will be clearly marked as sponsored on the site. I also promise they will be super fun.

Those reviews will be clearly labeled as such. If I do any other sort of review, I will either tell you that the item was given to me for free (and from whom), or, if it isn’t noted, it’s simply because it’s something I’m nuts for or I purchased myself and want to tell you about.

I’m very share-y that way.

Sometimes I will accept free stuff from companies or marketers. Almost always those items will be used for contests or giveaways for you. You’re welcome. IF I decide to keep one of those items for my own greedy personal use, I will disclose that I received the item for free if it is discussed on this site. So if I don’t tell you it’s SWAG, it isn’t.

Occassionally, I will spotlight a product or line that is sold through a vendor with which I have an affiliate relationship. This means I have a special relationship with a store that provides me a special link and using that gives me a percentage commission of any sales made through that link. That type of link will be marked with an asterisk.

I am a member of Blog With Integrity and as such have committed to conduct myself the way my momma raised me – ethically. This means full transparency and I don’t mean of the lingerie kind. It also means I play nice with others. My grandmother may not love the name of this site, but she loves me and I ain’t about to shame her by screwing with your trust as a reader.

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