Fonseca Twin Vines Vinho Rosé (Portugal 2008)

Fonseca Twin Vines Rosé

When it’s a hot Texas summer, I frequently turn to chilled rosés for a refreshing alternative to other cool cocktails. And when presented a $6 Portuguese option at HEB, I snatched up one of the lovely bottles from Fonseca. And really, it’s hard to resist such a pretty label with all those white swirls on a pink background.

And it was just as pretty in the glass – a sort of peach-pink color that smelled of watermelon and fresh cut grass. And though it was crisp and clean with flavors of nectarine, watermelon rind, and citrus, it was a bit simple.

To be completely honest, I found this wine a bit boring. (Hard to do for a woman who drinks cheap wine almost exclusively.) It probably just needs the right meal to fully appreciate, rather than sipping it on the patio. Maybe some salad and white fish? I don’t know. You try it and tell me what you think.

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3 Responses to Fonseca Twin Vines Vinho Rosé (Portugal 2008)

  1. I just bought this bottle of wine because it was on sale, haven’t gotten into the rose as much, and it was sale…but I was slightly disappointed with it monotone flavor. It tastes lovely but not very complex like other wines I have had. I am hoping that maybe when I have this evening with my chicken and pasta dish that the flavor will pop more.

  2. Knighton says:

    That’s pretty much what I thought, too, Sarah. And it does need food – as some wines do. Ah well. On to the next bottle!

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