Wine Cube Sauvignon Blanc (California 2010)

I am late to the party, as usual. Which is disappointing really, since these perfectly sized cubes of wine fit in my refrigerator like it was built for the sole purpose of housing a 3 liter cube of Sauvignon Blanc. And this week, all varieties of Wine Cube are on sale at Target for $2 off! So for only $16, you get the equivalent of four bottles of wine. A total steal. Not that I stole anything; I paid for it fair and square, unlike that time with the bubble gum when I was four. (Hi Mom!)

As you may recall, I’ve been on a white wine kick all summer – it’s my way of combating the Texas heat. So, when I was at Target this week and saw this sale, I grabbed a box. I did it for you, dear reader. And you can be glad I did.

Boxed wine isn’t known for it’s stellar options (obviously), but this Sauv Blanc exceeds that bland reputation. It’s good, easy to drink, and consistent with what you’d expect for an inexpensive California SB. It doesn’t compare with the outstanding New Zealand options, but I enjoyed it much, much better than the $9 bottle of Sterling Sauvignon Blanc I survived a couple weeks ago.

I’ll definitely buy this Wine Cube again, and I’ll probably go back and grab a box or two of red, as well. I’ll let you know how that goes!

Now it’s your turn. You’re Baptist (maybe), you buy boxed wine – which one do you keep on hand?

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  1. regan says:

    Target has a white sangria wine cube that I empty it into a pitcher with a bag of frozen fruit from their freezer dept. It is cheap, easy, and delicious. I’ve served it at every party I’ve hosted since making the discovery and each time I buy more cubes and yet I still run out.

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  3. If failed. Please don’t choose to give up.

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