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  1. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of cheap wines, I recently went to Walmart and found Oak Leaf on sale for $3.97 a bottle. A lady next to me had a shopping cart full of it. She said it was great for the price so I bought a few bottles of different varieties. Tonight I opened the cabernet sauvignon. It is a little acidic but the flavor is not bad.Have you tried the Oak Leaf and if so what is your opinion?


    John M.

  2. knighton says:

    Hi John! Thanks for stopping by. Ok, so I've had the Walmart Oak Leaf too. Only here in Austin it's just $2.97 a bottle. Heh.

    You're absolutely right about it. A little acidic, but tastes like wine. Not awful, not great. If you're into really cheap, pick up a box of Franzia Cabernet or Merlot – 5 liters (7 bottles) for about $13-15 per box. That averages to about $2 per bottle, and it's a less acidic wine than the Oak Leaf.

    Have fun!

  3. Anonymous says:

    $2.97???? must be leftovers from Houston. Tonight I am trying the Oakleaf Shiraz. I think they clarifed this one with a centrafuge but not bad once you make it past the first glass :) thank you for the Franzia suggestion. Nothing is better than a big box of good inexpensive wine.

    John M.

  4. Anonymous says:

    should have stopped at first glass. :( I need to check out your cooking recipes for cheap wines.

  5. knighton says:


  6. knighton says:

    Ya'll should come over to Austin sometime, and I'll introduce you to the best $3 wine on the planet. Festival '34 Merlot and Cabernet. Seriously, I'm holding out on sharing these two till you get here. ;-)

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