Drink with Style by Jonathan Miles (selected quotes)

I subscribe to Garden & Gun magazine, and while I love the writing, I found this article particularly entertaining. A few choice lines:

My argument today, proffered with the warbly certitude one derives from a second glass of bourbon, is that Southerners drink better than elsewhere Americans.

No, where Southerners differ—and where they excel—is in how they drink: zealously, ebulliently, loquaciously, impiously.

In a region dominated by Baptists, drinking carried, at best, the tinge of scandal, and the risk of eternal damnation, at worst.

To drink like a Southerner one must drink with relish, rather than drab connoisseurship; with a sense of semi-forbidden delight, as when breaking curfew for the first time; with garrulous abandon, unlike those pinched-faced drinkers one sees in, say, New England taverns…

Go read the whole things. It’s a delight.

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  1. As a long recovered Southern Baptist (it is possible!) I just had to come to a blog named “BaptistWineClub.” Fun. Clever. LOL. Saw you post on Chookooloonks. I could wax on about the combo of alcohol and Baptist, but must go now and obviously, you are doing that on your blog. Good for you. Cheers!

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