Cruz de Piedra Garnacha (Spain 2007)

I found this Spanish rosé at Sprouts for about $5 and could not pass it up, so powerful was the combination of color, labeling, and price.  And I was delighted to find a hot pink cork when I opened the bottle last night.  I’m totally saving that cork.

Anyway, I was surprised by the peachy, nectarine color the wine poured, and I really expected it to taste like some perfect Bellini or Mimosa – all sweet and peachy.  I was completely wrong in that assumption. Turns out, this wine is surprisingly dry, with really strong earthy-dirty aroma and flavor.  It was lightly fruity, with a hint of tropical fruit and citrus, and it had a surprising floral/herbal taste that reminded me of eucalyptus or mimosa (not the drink) trees.

It was actually perfect for the lingering heat of the evening, while I sipped it on the back patio.  Dry and crisp and pretty in the glass when the condensation formed drops that slid down the stem.  Just wonderful.

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