Come On Baby, Light My Fire

Last night, I did a little experimentation. Which sounds more naughty than it actually was. Though it did involve tequila. (Hi Mom!)

I made Spicy Tequila Shrimp, recipe courtesy of The Noshery, for dinner. The upshot of the whole process was the requirement to take a lit match to a pan of shrimp swimming in tequila.

I intentionally started a fire in my kitchen! Which is new. I usually start unintentional fires to (surprisingly) combustible objects like dish towels and pot holders and such.


That might be a little exaggerated. Maybe. Anyway, I survived un-singed, eyebrows intact and everything. And now, I have a new past-time for my latent pyromaniac tendencies.* (Hi Mom!)

Also, enjoyed a nice Riesling with the spicy shrimps. Review this weekend.

*I might have once set fire to part of my grandmother’s living room when I was playing with some matches helping her fold laundry.

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