Chateau Saint-Roch Côtes du Rhône (France 2005)

Chateau Saint-Roch Côtes du Rhône

I picked up this lovely French wine when it was on sale at HEB earlier this year. I really love a good wine sale, and when they happen, I grab several bottles for the sole purpose of sharing them here. See how I love you!

In the glass, the CdR was the color of ripe black cherries – dark and velvety. And the aroma! OMG, I nearly passed out. You could smell the blueberries and plum jam from a mile away, so powerful was the fragrance. What was surprising was how mild the wine was on the tongue, lightly flavored with hints of cocoa, leather, and oak. And of course, true to French form, it was very dry and altogether delicious.

If you can find this at your local grocer for under $10, grab a bottle. You won’t regret it!

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