Charity Case Rosé (California 2008)

Last year, Charity Case Foundation kindly sent me a couple samples. At the time, I opened the Sauvignon Blanc and LOVED IT, but I put the rosé in the cooler and promptly forgot about it.

Don’t say it.

Ok, I’ll say it: How could I possibly forget that I had a bottle in my cooler? Am I not a drinky Baptist? Do I not thirst?

I was busy? Stressed out and distracted by work? Just plain forgetful? There are no proper answers to these questions.

Regardless, last night proved to be the night when I rediscovered this bottle and opened it for dinner. (Salmon with chickpeas, in case you wondered.) And this rosé is so completely delightful, that I could not shut up telling my husband how much I loved it.

Seriously. It is SO SO SO good. Like fresh strawberries with cream and butter. Fruity and floral. It is, by far, the best rosé I’ve had all summer. And I am bummed that I can’t find another bottle anywhere in Texas, and the winery doesn’t ship here.

That’s the saddest part of this story. Sadder than forgetting I had it. Sadder than finishing the bottle in one sitting. Sad.

BUT, if you live in some other state that doesn’t have archaic alcohol distribution laws, BUY THIS WINE! Here’s the store.


Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Charity Case Foundation, a collective movement of Napa Valley Winemakers, with all net proceeds going to non-profit organizations serving children and families in Napa County. Opinions are entirely my own. No animals were harmed, though much wine was consumed, during the writing of this review.

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