Can We Talk?

Hi. I’m Jennifer.

I drink wine almost every day, and I really enjoy it. The wine I drink is inexpensive, for the most part, because someone one once told me that there is absolutely no reason to spend more than twelve dollars on a very good bottle of wine. He worked for one of my all-time favorite wineries, and he was as good as his word.

So, I must confess a lapse of words, dear friends. I’m enjoying plenty of wine, some new finds and some familiar friends, but I haven’t put pencil to paper (or pixels to the page, as it were) in quite some time.

I hope you will forgive me. I’ve been, and continue to be, a bit under water with my work. (Have you ever worked at a start-up? Yes? Then you know.)

But I’m swimming, not sinking, and I’ve got a long list of wines and stories to share. And like any party among friends, the best wine comes out immediately after someone falls into the pool.

Still thirsty?

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3 Responses to Can We Talk?

  1. Benito says:

    I’ve got a big pile of samples downstairs. Some I’m really excited about. Some, less so. There’s a half dozen bottles sitting around the house that have been opened and tasted, and whether or not I drink them or toss them down the drain has less to do with the quality of the juice as opposed to my own endurance and mood. This weekend I had vintage Champagne and a Burgundy from my birth year (1976). I’m thinking I need to take a break before I tackle the $20 bottles again.

    Enjoy the blog, love the concept, definitely understand it living here in Memphis. Keep up the good work.

    • Knighton says:

      Hi Benito, Thanks for the encouragement! And I totally know what you mean about all the opened bottles sitting around.

      If life gives you more wine than you can drink…make vinegar?

  2. elz says:

    I can’t wait ro read your recaps. I’ve been into Sofia lately-a little taste of sparkling wne really hits the spot!

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