BlogHer ’10 Beverages

In New York, earlier this month, I had the good fortune to attend a party hosted (in part) by Skyy Vodka, where they debuted this fantastic cocktail. A combination of their new Xrated Fusion Liqueur, cranberry, and lime, it was delightful. And it had the added benefit of making me look and feel fashionable and sexy.

Also, earlier in the weekend, I enjoyed another pink drink – Copain Rose Tous Ensemble at Má Pêche with several of my BlogHer friends. I loved this wine, and I’m hoping to find a bottle locally (Spec’s doesn’t carry it), so I can share a more detailed review. But mainly, you should just go buy some. It’s perfect for this ridiculous 100+ degree heat.

The rest of the weekend, I mostly imbibed the Hilton house wine, whose name I’ve forgotten. And, like most house wine, the wine itself was equally unmemorable. Though, I would have hosted a BlogHer in-room wine tasting if I’d been able to talk the Banquet Captain out of a couple bottles. Alas, there are rules. But, now I’ve got a great idea for next year!

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