Baptist Wine Club Interviews: OutsideVoice

If ya’ll haven’t met Pam from OutsideVoice, just head on over there right now and get to know her.

Back? Groovy.

Pam and I met virtually about a million years ago when we both first started blogging, and we met for the first time In Real Life at BlogHer in New York City in the summer of 2010. And can I tell you how absolutely wonderful she is? Absolutely. Wonderful.

Beyond being a great friend, she’s an amazing encourager who cheers for you when you stumble upon that one great thing – whether it’s a perfect pair of leopard print flats or that brainstorm of an idea you can’t wait to try.

Which brings us to this new adventure here at the BWC – Interviews!

I’m curious about people, their stories, their lives. And I thought it would be fun to learn a little more about our friends, specifically about how and why they enjoy their favorite beverages. So here we go!

BWC: Tell us, lovely, what is your favorite adult beverage?

Pam: Nostalgia will tell you it’s an amaretto sour. It was the first real drink I ever ordered for myself – and my grandfather introduced me to it.  I still like them.

BWC: Tell me about the first time you tasted that nostalgic amaretto sour.

Pam: I can’t really remember exactly the first time, but I believe it was my senior year of high school or freshman year of college. (Ed. Shocking!) We were at a very upscale restaurant, standing in the bar waiting for our table and he ordered one for me.  I’m not a maraschino cherry fan, but I didn’t let that deter me.  It was delightful – sweet and sour and rich and a little bit decadent.  And I loved the shape of the amaretto bottle!

BWC: How do you like it served? Is there a requirement? And if so, what?

Pam: Oh, ice cold in a gorgeous crystal lowball. The heavier the better.

BWC: Sexy! Now, tell the truth, does all this drinking embarrass your mother?

Pam: Not at all. We’ve giggled tipsily down Bourbon Street together with great class. (Hi Pam’s Mom! You’re cute!)

BWC: Ahem. Back to the topic at hand. What’s your favorite brand, and where can we get some?

Pam: I’m a DiSaronno fan – available everywhere.

BWC: If the BWC bought a bottle, would you come over and teach us how to drink it? You know you wanna!

Pam: You better believe it. Name that time and place and we’ll swap stories. THAT’S A DATE.

BWC: Definitely! Can’t wait to share a story or seven with you. xoxo

And that’s a wrap for now, folks. I’ve gotta run out to by a bottle of DiSaronno for my hot date!

But before you go, if you’ve got a moment, tell us about your favorite drink and why it’s special to you. And recommend a friend for our next edition of BWC Interviews! Mwah!

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4 Responses to Baptist Wine Club Interviews: OutsideVoice

  1. J. Wilson says:

    When I was about 17 or so my piano teacher took me to a nightclub to hear Maynard Ferguson and his band. He drank (my teacher, don’t know what Maynard favored) Harvey Wallbangers and let me have one. For many years my favorite mixed drink has been a good bourbon and ice but every now and then I spot a bottle of Galliano and just have to say hello to Harvey again!

    • Knighton says:

      Hey J Wilson!

      I’ve heard rumors of the Harvey Wallbanger, but always thought someone must of made the name up as part of a practical joke. Share the recipe?

      Thanks a bunch,

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  3. J. Wilson says:

    The storied, yet doubted, Harvey Wallbanger is really simply a Screwdriver with a cap of golden Galliano floated on top. Changes the tast entirely though.

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