1964 (Benihana 2011)

A few weeks ago, I attended a corporate training event and for dinner one night, we all went out to Benihana. And while I enjoy a Japanese steak house as much as the next person, what I really loved was the cocktail I had that night: 1964.

It’s Hendrick’s Gin with sake, fresh cucumber and lime juice, and St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur. And a wedge of English cucumber for garnish. Perfect in every way.

I had two. And my only regret is not capturing a photo of it to share with you fine folks. Please forgive the oversight, and try it for yourself should you find yourself at a Benihana.

In the meantime, Hendrick’s Gin is available at Spec’s for under $30, and the St. Germain is about $35. I’m going to try this at home!

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